SAP on Huawei Cloud Overview

The HUAWEI CLOUD SAP Cloud solution is a platform-based service that allows customers to deploy and manage SAP software systems on HUAWEI CLOUD. It covers the full lifecycle management requirements of customer’s SAP software applications, including new deployment, migration, capacity expansion, DR, upgrade, and O&M management. In addition, HUAWEI CLOUD provides big data, EI, and ROMA connectivity capabilities to help customers achieve intelligent and digital transformation of core services.

The HUAWEI CLOUD SAP solution supports all SAP software, including the new-generation SAP S/4 HANA, BW/4 HANA, ECC 6.0, BW, SAP Business One and SAP Hybris. Enterprises can quickly deploy and use the software on HUAWEI CLOUD. At the database layer, the HUAWEI CLOUD SAP solution supports most mainstream SAP databases, including SAP HANA, SAP ASE, Oracle, DB2, and SQL Server.

Huawei Cloud SAP Cloud Solution has below competitive advantage among SAP Cloud Solution providers:

Full-scenario and full-industry coverage:

Supports all mainstream SAP software and databases
for various industries.

High performance:

The first vendor in China to use Intel’s sixth-generation Xeon processors. SAP’s official SAPS benchmark ranks No. 1 in the industry

Comprehensive SAP certified specifications:

128 GB to 4 TB VM certification, up to 16 TB bare metal server certification, server certification, and virtualization platform certification.

Efficient O&M:

Dedicated SAP O&M management platform for enterprises, improving SAP O&M management efficiency, one-click provisioning (SAP application provisioning and deployment), one-click capacity expansion, one-click backup, and one-screen monitoring (including SAP application monitoring)


The data center with the highest security level in China provides end-to-end security monitoring and protection.


Professional Operation and Maintenance Team, one-to-one dedicated service manager

Rich Cases:

Hundreds of SAP solution customer cases worldwide, covering 20+ industries

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