Agri One

Automate & Digitize your Agricultural Business

The Agri One by Pristine Solution is a comprehensive, integrated business solution designed specifically for agriculture- industrial organizations to support the full life cycle of agriculture operations with highly scalable, tightly integrated solution that empowers both farm and buyer managers to make timely, intelligent business decisions based on accurate, up-to-the-minute data.


Pristine farm detector rapidly and repeatedly collects and analyze comprehensive imagery of the farm and provide aerial data into actionable business insights such as analyzing NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), row vectorization, plant height, health level, number of tree count, etc. It is capable of automatically defining the geolocation of field boundaries and maps of the fields at crop level. No need to walk around the field to get information, you can leave that to Pristine farm Detector.

Benefits of AgriOne Solution:

The only ERP solution you need to manage and operate your growing business.

Complete Overview for Top Management

From different perspectives of business with up to the minute critical data analysis and report generation system.

Total Control over Business

Through automatic alerts, workflows and key business events management.

Streamlining of Business

Through complete integration of key areas of business-like sales, purchase, materials, finance, production and HR.

Increase Profitability

By identifying causative factors for lesser efficiency in different units through comparative analysis of standard or planned versus actual scenario.

Expand Business Opportunities

By proper decision support system based on planning and projection generated.

Go where your business takes you

Access your data on mobile devices, check plantation information, etc.

Availability of Real-Time data

Across every level of the organization.

Key Features Included in AgriOne:

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