An add-on is a software extension that adds extra features to a program. It may extend certain functions within the program, add new items to the program’s interface, or give the program additional capabilities.

Warehouse Management System.

A warehouse management system (WMS) is a type of software that is commonly used in the industrial and retail industries to track any products and materials that enter and exit the warehouse. 

Email Scheduling Automation
SMS Alert Automation

Track responses & send feedback to clients instantly. Access log files and merge trigger points to SAP. Windows services & SMTP servers utilised.

Barcode Solution

A barcode solution refers to a system that uses barcodes to store and retrieve information
about products, items, or assets. Barcodes are machine-readable symbols made up of a
series of lines or patterns that represent data in a visual form.

Batch/Serial Automation.

Batch/Serial Automation is basically used for automate the batch/serial creation.


RPA Solution (WIP Solution)

Intelligent WIP Clearing for SAP Business One is a new revolutionary solution that automates WIP Clearing to reduce time, mitigate human errors and gain higher levels of predictability within the manufacturing industry.

Intercompany & Consolidation

Transferring resources and capital between subsidiaries, selling goods or services from one subsidiary to another, loan transfers, and payments from parent businesses to its subsidiaries are all examples of intercompany transactions.

Quality Control Solution

As an add – on in SAP B1 the Quality Control Solution will be used to check the quality of goods. The technique behind this process is basically set some parameters to check the quality of the goods.

Maintenance Solutions

Maintenance Solution is an add – on over the SAP B1 to maintain the after services. It refers to functionalities and tools that help businesses manage and streamline their maintenance processes for equipment, machinery, or assets.

Gate pass Solutions – Delivery Management

Gate pass solutions in the context of delivery management refer to systems or processes that facilitate the movement of goods or individuals in and out of a specific location, such as a warehouse, manufacturing facility, or secure area.

Bank Reconciliation Automation

Bank reconciliation is a financial process that compares a company’s financial records (such
as bank statements) with their internal accounting records to ensure that they match and are

Token Solutions – Queue Management

Token solutions in the context of queue management refer to systems or processes that are designed to manage queues which is waiting for any specific reason.

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