Industries We Support


Tea exporters, Tea Auctioneers and Tea plantation are three different variants of the same value chain. Each of these three segment has its own unique requirements and pain points to address. Except for SAP Business One no solution has identified or catered to requirements of all three stake holders of Tea value chain.

SAP Business One has specific add on to support tea plantations and requirements of land development, growing and corps. Functionality coverage from inventory management, Payrolls and accounting.

Tea exporters require data integration from auction through catalog files uploads, blending, Tea board reporting, production, packing, out sourcing to shipping. Challenges for Tea exporters are easily handle in a unique way by SAP Business One and is tried and tested by many Tea exporters in Sri Lanka.

Trading & Distribution

Gain more insights such as which products deliver more profitability, which product turn around faster, which category of customers’ provide faster cash turn around while managing your warehouse, inventory, sales and procurement process more efficiently and profitably. SAP Business One is ready solution for all trading and distribution companies of any size and geography. Enabling beyond the traditional transaction processing, SAP Business One will a new technology dimension to these business to gain competitive advantage.


Poultry management system focus from egg production (broiler farm), chicken breeding (breeder), meat production (market ready broiler) and many more. The most important aspect of the poultry business is the growing of livestock. Methods used must be those approved by regulators in the local and national levels.


Customize SAP solution for dairy industry is approach order processing and shipping to invoicing and accounts receivable, are now much more transparent and traceable than before. That saves a lot of valuable working hours. Dairy management system covers the milk production process – from raw milk procurement to processing the finished products and distributing to wholesalers and retailers – including innovative planning and controlling instruments.

Project Management & Construction

Project Management is a software solution for the entire business: project managers, project team members, executives, purchasers, accountants and controllers capture their data in a single system. The centralized information provides for transparency: All employees have always access to the same up-to-the-minute data.

For construction industry project management expands to another level including pre and post costing, managing estimates verses actuals. Multiple modes of billing from measure and pay to mile stone billing etc. Inventory and material management, time lines and progress monitoring are other key aspect in addition to accounting and working capital monitoring. SAP Business One is ready to support specific requirements of this industry.


Apparel and footwear solution manage the entire business in a single system. It’s affordable, easy to buy and use, and quick to install. Software will help to Build strong customer relationships with integrated customer relationship management, become more efficient by eliminating data redundancies and errors.

Process covers from Sample room, design and tech pack to production and shipping. Not only core apparel functionality even support industries like Printing, washing, embroidery are also directly supported by specialized add on with SAP Business One.

Production / Manufacturing

Manufacturing solution streamlines and offers full visibility across your Sample, Lab, Formulation, Production, Costing, Quality, Compliance, Planning and Scheduling processes. In addition, many of your inventory, manufacturing and distribution processes. Solution can be executed via Mobile transactions and approval as well.

Printing & packaging

SAP Business One understands Printing and packaging industry and has ready solutions to support. Challenges in this an industry includes managing the cost, optimum allocation of machine, indefinite delivery time, shorter demand cycles, high raw material costs and low-price competition. Its includes a complex production processes supported by SAP Business one. Solution is complete with tools and is ready to equip companies to be more efficient in order to increase profitability.

Food and Beverages

SAP Business One caters to specific requirements of the food industry and provides industry-specific solutions. It provides integrated sales, purchase, manufacturing, finance and operations within a single system. SAP Business One supports multiple ways of manufacturing products with various recipes. It helps in controlling the entire process of production, packaging and distribution by efficiently managing stock. Solution expands to Quality assurance, tracking and reporting expiry in field, and in stores and also to managing cash flow and decision support.

Information & Technology

Business Of software development, IT infrastructure or hardware solutions, all need managing project time lines, delivery time lines and visibility to resources available and utilized. SAP Business One support pre sales, CRM, Finance, Project monitoring, project costing, inventory and resource management. It offers a complete solution for companies in information technology industry.

Healthcare Industry

SAP Business One support three key variants in this industry as:
1. Pharmaceutical companies in manufacturing
2. Pharmaceutical companies in distribution and trading
3. Healthcare equipment sales

SAP Business one is ready with solutions to provide planning, tracking, and management of a healthcare organization’s vital assets. Guide through process of managing compliance, approvals from health authorities, managing inventory, tracking expiry and lots, traceability and managing equipment and assets.


SAP Supports to deliver personalized, cost-effective care with SAP’s software for the healthcare industry. Our solutions cover everything from healthcare analytics and electronic medical records (EMR) to health information exchange (HIE) and beyond. Harness leading technologies to build effective information systems, practice evidence-based medicine – and improve the overall patient and doctor experience.

Multi-specialty hospitals with hundreds of bed to Channeling services can benefit from solution offered by SAP Business One.

Auto mobile dealers

Requirements of an auto dealer from product catalogue to maintenance services are supported form SAP Business One. Managing product catalogue, dealer network, manufacturers data, traceability and sales cycle including sale funnel and pre sales activities are key to successful dealership.

Equally important aspects is post sales services, both break down services and regular services. Managing resources, materials and accurate billing and record keeping are important aspects to this industry and SAP Business One support these requirements directly out of the box.

Hospitality (Hotels / restaurants)

Solution integrated to SAP Business One covers reservations, front desk, Guest portal, Travel agent management, F&B point of sales, restaurant, housekeeping, group tours, banquets and events. A flexible and industry specific solution that is scalable from small hotel to multi property hotel chain. User friendly and easily deployable solution available through cloud access or on premise.

Hydro and Solar power

For this industry project management, timelines monitoring are key during development and commencement phase as well as during operations. Also monitoring of regular maintenance, preventive maintenance and break down management are other key aspects. Power generations data to manage consistency and accurate revenue recognition are important and supported by SAP Business One in addition to all accounting and finance requirements. Timely and accurate reporting through user friendly customizable tools enhances the value of SAP Business One solution to this industry.